When not in use, simply place your “Beam Me Up To The Mothership” homing device on the included stand as shown, so it can be displayed for all your friends to see and admire!.

© 2017 Barry Schwam

Beam me up to the Mothership TM

Homing Device


Lay the "Beam me up to the Mothership" homing device (the side marked with the green handprint ) on the palm of your hand, with the copper antenna facing away from you. With the other hand, move your fingers around in various patterns, touching the crystalline forms, concentrating on a mental telepathic connection with the mother ship. Pointing the copper wire antenna toward the sky could be helpful. Results may vary.

Our bodies are electricity. We have energy flowing continuously throughout them. For the homing device to work, you must find your correct electrical patterns through the crystalline forms on the homing device. This may take thousands or even hundreds of thousands of tries in order to contact the Mothership, but you should never stop trying.

You can use your device indoors or outdoors, night or day. The Mothership is always monitoring. But you must be thinking that you "want contact" and believe that the Mothership will hear you.

Usually, wood is not a conductor of electricity. But as you place your fingers in various patterns on the crystalline forms, you are "pulsing" your energy into them. The revolutionary design of this homing device means that your pulses could travel through the wood, and into the copper antenna, which could send the psychic-electronic signals into space. This is all done totally inaudibly, so don't expect to hear anything. In fact, don't expect anything at all.

Your "Beam me up to the Mothership" homing device works on the principle of imagination, to which science, is unable to calculate. But don't let that stop you. Just keep caressing your device in different patterns with your fingers. Hum a quiet, undefinable little hum to yourself as you vary your finger patterns around the crystalline forms. Focus your attention on your fingers in the present moment , trying not to seek results, which could be way into the future. Remember, it's the journey we should enjoy, not just the end results. And, who knows? You might feel a connection on your very first try!